Lansdowne Receives Award from Anti-Defamation League

Anti-Defamation League award

Lansdowne Borough has been selected as the recipient of the 2013 Barry Morrison Courageous Conversations Award by the Anti-Defamation League. This award was established five years ago as a tribute to Regional Director Barry Morrison and his 30 years of service to the ADL, and is given annually to a school or community that has exhibited creativity and courage in engaging community members in a dialogue about diversity through No Place for Hate. On behalf of the Borough, Mayor Jayne Young and Don Verlanden attended the Board Meeting of the ADL in Philadelphia on May 13 and accepted the award. The plaque is being hung on the Borough wall of fame in council chambers, and an accompanying $250 award will be used to continue the mission of No Place for Hate.

Message from Mayor Jayne Young – August, 2009

After 26 years living in Lansdowne and eight years as Mayor, I am as enchanted with and committed to my community as ever. Several years ago Lansdowne Borough partnered with the Anti-Defamation League in their No Place For Hate program. We have been a proud NPFH community since that time.

This national program was designed as a community based campaign to empower participants to challenge hate and bigotry on all forms.

In 2001 a proclamation declaring Lansdowne a No Place For Hate community was made. Every year since the borough’s No Place For Hate committee has overseen the completion of three activities that promote the NPFH message and earn us our continued accreditation. With the support of borough council we have hosted neighborhood gatherings, marched in parades, viewed movies, read books and sponsored local theater productions. To date we have used raised funds to purchase dozens of message appropriate books for the Lansdowne Public Library.

This program is near and dear to my heart. I have personally raised most of our operating funds. After eight years of growth I am ready to name a new chair of the committee. Donald Verlenden has agreed to take the position. He is a Lansdowne native, a graduate of Lansdowne Aldan High School and is currently a member of the borough’s Recreation and Park Board. His life long interest in his community makes him the perfect choice to breathe new life into this important program.

So, I am asking now for your participation in this valuable program. Put your self on the mailing list, come to an event, in other words join the No Place For Hate group and become a catalyst for inclusion in Lansdowne Borough. ceremony in celebration. Keep coming back to the website for more information.

Mayor Jayne Young, August 2009


Lansdowne Chapter of No Place for Hate started in 2002 with a proclamation.

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